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Mellanie K.

Having a Personal Life Coach was a new concept for me. Kristian Reiber is his name. This warm, friendly and approachable young man offered to meet with me to... well.. now I can’t remember the words he used! I was caught up in unfamiliar possibilities.


Whaaat? Get together to talk about me, what makes me who-and-what-I-am AND not dwell on the past? Work to imagine and to create my future? I was raised to be productive ALL the time, to spend ALL my time helping others, and to prioritize myself last. Now he was going to open up new, formerly taboo ways of thinking? 


Kristian waited patiently for me to come back to the present. His eyes searched my face for an indication of what I was thinking. This give and take has become a familiar gesture in our sessions. I present my most recent struggle, he guides me to think in a new way and my brain fills in my personal “blanks”. As I hear my breath catch my eyes widen... and I understand my own behavior better. 


That is how Kristian works...Patience addressing this “seasoned” woman’s habits. Interest without judgment. Encouragement without strings attached. Impact that comes in the most unexpected and sincere ways. And I am somehow more self- aware, more confident. And beliefs I have held about myself begin to change.

Susan Landrigan

Working with Kristian has been a very positive experience for me.  I see the benefits of our time together every day.  I am able to deal with the day to day stresses without letting them get to me.  Meeting with Kristian was like sitting and talking to a friend.  There was never any judgement, only encouragement.  I especially liked his approaches to true wellness, not something that comes from a pharmacy. 

Murl Kinal

Working with Kristian was great. He coached me through formulating and creating goals that I felt that I could stick with and that would help me get where I wanted to be with my health and wellness.


He helped me understand and work through underlying health issues that were holding me back. He helped me envision a future where I had achieved my goals. This was incredibly motivating throughout my journey. 

Kristian is a wealth of knowledge around health and wellness and was able to be a fantastic resource all along the way. As we worked together there were unforeseen challenges that came up and Kristian was always supportive and did a great job coaching me through them and helping me stay on track. 

Kristians coaching, unwavering support and knowledge helped me achieve my goals. I couldn’t have done it without him. The biggest difference was when personal challenges got in my way he helped me use those times to strengthen my game plan instead of them being opportunities for me to give up. If you are ready to feel better and live better I would highly recommend working with Kristian 

Tracy Kirchoff

I started working with Kristian at a time in my life that I was feeling what I would call "broken".  I was very stressed over some family situations, overload from my job, and the end of a very difficult, long-term relationship.  When I started working with Kristian I was filled with self-doubt and had stopped trusting myself.  My life long problems with over eating and stress eating were at an all-time high.  


As I have worked with Kristian, my ability to process my stress has gotten better.  I am handling the stress in more productive ways.  I have also been able to step back from my emotions and manage my reactions.  I am regaining the trust in myself that I lost during the relationship.  I am gaining ground on my eating habits also.  I feel that I have gained skills that will help me to have a more productive and happy life.

Rachel Curtin

Before I started my Wellness with Kristian program I was struggling with connecting healthier daily habits with all of the intentions that I had to feel better.  I came home exhausted from work, with a headache, and no energy to do anything other than just sit and feel miserable.  Even on my most hectic and energy draining days, I now have daily habits and a mindset that keeps me from feeling my worst. 


These were developed through my work with Kristian.  Sure, you can scroll through the internet to find some advice.  But Kristian gives a listening ear, excellent direction and reminds you to care enough about your own wellness to be accountable for it.  He checks in, talks it through, and provides excellent perspective, as he sees the whole picture. 


My new found foundation of wellness cannot be underestimated.  It buffers me against stress, fatigue, and complacency.  I think that this sort of program would be great for anybody who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Annie Chartrand

I first learned about Kristian's coaching services through a friend who had worked with him, and who really enjoyed the new perspectives that Kristian offered. I knew I was looking for change and support for areas of my life that felt stagnant, so I started my work with Kristian in the summer of 2022.


Although I thought I knew what I was looking for when I started meeting with Kristian, my goals shifted as I discovered more about myself and what I was really looking for, and I couldn't believe how easygoing and helpful Kristian was throughout this process. It was like working with a detective who was exploring my mental and emotional landscape with me to find the root causes of feeling stuck and unhappy. 


When we first started working together, I thought I wanted help with diet and exercise tips to feel healthier. However, as we worked together, the issues that emerged had more to do with life, family, career, and goal-setting. No matter what we discussed, including some pretty heavy topics, Kristian was supportive, present, nonjudgmental, and confident. He always sent me summaries of our sessions together, which have proven to be so helpful in creating accountability and a log of growth. He sent me recipes, showed me tools and practices he uses in his own life, and walked me through as much change and support as he could.


With more intangible things like reframing unhelpful beliefs and goal-setting, Kristian helped me create accountability anchors and recommended helpful articles and books.


In all, Kristian made real change attainable and almost effortless. After working together for about 6 months, I was able to incorporate and maintain a lot of what we talked about in my daily life. I feel a lot more settled in myself and my life, and I feel clearer about how to set goals and create change for myself when I need to. I highly recommend Kristian's coaching services - he can help you with whatever you're facing. 

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